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Benefits of Branded Mini-Games

Brand Awareness & Attention

Branded mini-games are great at grabbing the attention & boosting your Brand awareness, in the mass of content on social media because they are new, exciting & trigger basic human desires.
Who doesn't want to be challenged?

Brand Experience & Memory

Branded mini-games create an experience around your brand and products. Research tells us that when people engage & interact with your content, when they play & are entertained, they will like you much more & because of that, they are more likely to visit your website, remember your products & especially your Brand.

Generating Leads & Conversions

7x or 700% more usage of vouchers they win. It is just simple psychology. Branded mini-games are just a perfect way to promote your new & existing products, and increase traffic & conversions. Hence, boost sales & revenue.

Some Cases

195.628 unique players
854.354 times played
91% completion rate
Wendy's Burgers
9.832 unique players
68.096 times played
89.4% completion rate
Donut Papi
2.734 unique players
34.420 times played
89.4% completion rate

Our Superpower

We understand Human Behavior. We understand Games. We understand Businesses.

Psychology & Neuroscience

Humans are complex beings. Our experts dedicate themselves to crack the code of motivation, decision-making, and human behavior both on a psychological and neurological level.

Gamification & UX Design

Our certified gamification designers are top-notch in triggering the right motivations, improving user experience, and leveling-up your customer engagement efforts using game design techniques and elements.

Business Strategy & Technology

A deep understanding in how businesses operate (strategy, marketing, human resources, fincance...) and being up to date with the latest technologies, is how we deliver results.

With a little help from our Partners

How we do it

A mini-game around your Brand's DNA

1. Briefing & Strategy

During a strategic session of about 1 to 2 hours, we listen to your challenges, goals, KPI's, target audiences, Brand uniqueness, the jobs you solve and the kinds of rewards you want to offer to your players.

2. Conceptualization

We translate the strategy & briefing into 3 possible concepts. We design the wireframes & user-play-flow in order to be able to develop the game & design the look and feel. 

3. Design & Development

Our graphic design specialists start with creating the look and feel of the chosen concept and our game developers start developing the game after the designs are approved by you.

4. Launch & Implementation

We help implementing the game into your website, application, shop and other. We run a few tests to make sure everything is fine. When ready, the game campaign will be launched for 6 exciting weeks.

5. Support & Rapport

During the campaign, we make sure everything is going as planned and rapport each week the results. After the campaign, you get an overview of the total results, number of players, times played, level of engagement, the data captured etc. 

 Facts of Game-Based Marketing



+50 years old

2.7 billion Gamers

They predict 2.7 billion gamers in 2021 = A varied and broad market to target.
Wouldn't it be a missed opportunity for every marketeer?

88 minutes/Day

The average playtime per day is 88 minutes. Games are indeed engaging. Why not letting them play with your Brand instead?

Avg = 35 years old

Gaming is only for young boys?Hell no! The average gamer is 35 years old

104 Billion industry

With a worth of 104 billion, the gaming business is bigger than the movie (38.6) & music (16) industry together.

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